Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Other Planet

I have begun to wonder if perhaps, there are two earths.  I know I am supposed to be here on the earth, In the United States, in the heart of Pennsylvania. Then I watch Television.  I saw on the news yesterday, where several women were being treated for problems associated with the injection of silicone caulking into their buttocks.  They thought they were getting approved buttock enlargements.

My brain began to try to digest all of this information laid out so randomly at once..."What would silicone caulking do to the body?" Then, it sprang into action with "Why would you allow someone to inject caulking into your butt?  "People want to have large butts?"  "Who thought this was a good thing to do?"  "Why are women so stupid?"

I must be on another planet.  Don't get me wrong, I feel it is a good thing to want to look good. I thought we were in a recession.  People still have money to invest in their butts?   Maybe the we haven't gotten poor enough yet.

I have read about earlier American women and corsets.  They were so anxious to have an hourglass figure, that they allowed their corsets to alter their bone structure.  The reason fainting couches were so popular, was because the corsets were so constrictive that they couldn't breath properly, thus fainting was common.  I thought that was behind us....but I guess stupidity and the quest for beauty has never left us.  I guess that the only thing behind us is caulk.

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