Friday, March 19, 2010

How to make a garden fence out of sticks

I needed a fence because my dogs have a habit of running without looking where they are heading.  So, I didn't really need it to be strong, rather to have a visual impact to the dogs, so they stay out.  I am also an organic gardener, so I wanted something that looked natural.  The only cost to this fence is for cotton string to bind the intersections.

This is how I did it.  I use 4 main pieces, about 2 1/2 feet long as the legs to go into the ground.

 Next, I use two smaller pieces of study twigs between each of the 4 longer ones.  Then I took long sticks (these are the sucker branches that we trimmed off our apple trees this winter) and threaded them over and under these sticks.  I would start and stop wherever there seemed to need bracing.  I only would do about 4-5 sticks in each intersection.  Then I tied each intersection.  Here is the first row done.

I would loop around each side an then knot it at the bigger sticks, as they are the main supports, but just criss-cross tied the intersections of the smaller sticks.  Here is an example of the knots.
  I added two more rows of sticks, making sure each intersection is tied.  I tried to keep them straight as possible, but wasn't too upset if it varied, as I liked the look of a "natural fence"
Here is the finished fence, I used a hammer and pounded the longer sticks into the ground to make it secure.
I hope this gives you ideas on how to use natural materials to help around the garden.


  1. very cool....:-). We were thinking of building our own arbor in the backyard and have several Crape Myrtle tree branches from a lot of trees that we prunned. What do you suggest for the ties?

  2. Thanks so much for your idea. It really helped give us an inexpensive way to protect our gardens.

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