Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sex Addiction

I saw on the morning news that Tiger Woods was going to be released from a clinic that was treating him for Sex Addiction.

Today, Sex - a basic biological function, is an addition.  Which means it is a disease.  We already have  drug addiction and alcoholism classified as diseases.  He didn't need a clinic.  He needed a Jewish Mother. Send him to live with a real Jewish Mother for two weeks.

For two weeks he would be told how dirty he was, how disgusting these women were, how horrible his wife has been treated, how messed up he has made his children, and future generations from his children.  More importantly, how embarrassed he made his Mother!  How she was so ashamed to go to religious services, or the grocery store, or worse, the beauty parlor!

I bet two week with a very talented Jewish mother, and Tiger Woods would have such a complex, he wouldn't be able to get it up for three years!  What addiction?!

I caught a commercial (one of my favorite topics) for a weight loss program.  It starts "I eat when I am lonely.  I eat when I am stressed out".  Guess what?  Eating is another biological function....we eat because we need to do so to survive.  So, although it is not an untruth to say that, everyone eats, and probably everyone has eaten in almost any emotional state you can name.  I eat when I am hungry.  I can't seem to control that.  And yes, we have food addicts.

So I have decided I am a breathing addict.  Yes, I know I should be able to control it, I just haven't been able to stop.  Maybe I can go to counseling or take some time off work to see if I can stop this habit.  I wonder if they have developed a patch for it.

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