Saturday, April 17, 2010

That will teach them that cops don't like to walk!

This little gem was found in our local Williamsport Sun Gazette.

 Police chief issues at least 90 parking tickets

POSTED: April 17, 2010
Gregory Foresman apparently took it to heart when Mayor Gabriel J. Campana ordered "all" city police officers to walk city neighborhoods for at least 30 minutes of every work shift. The directive included command staff.
After Thursday night's City Council meeting, Foresman was asked about his neighborhood visits so far.
The chief acknowledged as accurate reports by Pennsylvania College of Technology students that he had been seen on foot and issuing tickets on Vine Avenue this week.
He said he also visited the neighborhoods around Lycoming College and reported finding too many violations in the residential neighborhoods with permit parking around both schools.
Violations of permit parking carry a $25 fine, and Foresman said he issued at least 90 tickets just in the first four days of the new policy.
The mayor and police administration began the mandatory neighborhood walks last year but curtailed them over the cold-weather months.
When he revived the effort last week, Campana said he wanted officers to spend time getting to know the city's neighborhoods and their residents. He urged officers to talk with residents whenever possible.
The mayor also said officers were to be given their foot patrol assignments at the start of shifts, and the assignments would be determined by neighborhood needs and crime trends.

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