Friday, February 26, 2010

Register Independent!

The government is broke. I have spent a great deal of time pondering what I can do to make a change. I think I finally found a possible solution.

Register Independent. Currently, no matter how dedicated and good willed a candidate is, once they get into office they are all being forced to vote party lines, either through coercion, or withdrawal of funds, or bribes of funding. What if the party lines were hard to find?

I don't care what party you are currently registered as, you have to be disappointed in the fact that our government is totally gridlocked. Even if something gets passed it is the reflection of only one party, not a cooperative effort. I am tired of the hate, name calling and inefficiency.

If enough people change to "Independent" as voters, some of us lose something. Here in Pennsylvania we give up the right to vote in the primary, but we will gain much more. Everyone who does it will give up being pigeonholed into a stereotype.

If Independents are such a voting block, the major parties will have to float candidates who will attract the independents in order to win a seat. That means the radical left, or the radical right need not apply, because if a party raises them as a candidate, the independent voters still won't seat them. We might actually have to start talking about the real issues. Candidates will no longer be able to only use their party's talking points to gain votes.

I have seen third party candidates come and fail. We are not structured to handle that in this country effectively. But we are well set to handle a larger block of independents.

Finally, even though you are registered as an independent, it will not stop you from contributing, nor supporting your candidate of choice. It simply means you will stop having to be lumped into a massive cauldron of hate in order to voice your opinion.

I urge you to act and tell your friends to act. It is the only non-violent, non-hateful option I can see for the reasonable electorate to do at this point.

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